Vlad and Georgiana

The only tour guides you will ever need on your trip to Romania

Hey, this is Vlad!

Since I was a kid I loved to explore new places and go off the beaten path. I liked showing my friends the lucky finds and enjoying them together. No wonder I decided to study tourism and got an MSc in it.​ Although I imagined I’ll be climbing the career ladder, after working in sales for a start-up company I realized that I actually want to work for myself.​ In 2015 I quit my office job for a sabbatical journey that re-opened my eyes for my biggest passions: travel & hospitality. And then there was another one: I met Georgiana ♥ 

​Traveling was what united us, so we started planning our adventure around the world, while I was working on my dream job as an independent tour guide in Bucharest.​ After meeting so many people with Romanian roots that wanted to visit their ancestral country, I figured that others would like to explore this hidden gem of Europe. And what better way to do it than with someone they already know! See you soon ✈

Hey, Georgiana here!

I am a curious and adventurous spirit, always in the search for a new challenge. I tried the corporate life for a few years after I finished my Masters in Marketing, but have decided there is more to life than what a cubicle has to offer. Luckily, in 2015 I met Vlad, the perfect partner in crime, as we decided to quit our jobs and go on an extended traveling adventure around the world, working in high-end resorts.

I realized soon that most of the people we met didn’t know much about Romania, if anything at all.​ The idea of Romanian Thrills started shaping in my head, because Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in Eastern Europe, with pristine nature and a tumultuous history, yet remains largely unexplored by tourists outside of Europe. Since we already had a background in international hospitality and the local knowledge, we returned home with the aim of welcoming curious travelers. So, why don’t you come over?

What is Romanian Thrills?

It’s a travel concept started with the aim of changing people’s perception about our country, by inviting them to discover its hidden gems through carefully designed itineraries that keep the experience genuine.

Focusing on boutique travel style for private and small groups, we did a lot of field research in our pursuit for fascinating landscapes, authentic and reinterpreted gastronomy, remarkable accommodations that preserve our heritage, or artisans who keep the traditional crafts alive.

One of our main objectives is contributing to an authentic and sustainable type of tourism in our country, while providing the utmost comfort for our guests during their trip.

Rural areas have a lot of untapped potential that can upkeep the cultural and material prosperity for their communities. With small steps, locals discover an alternative source of income by showcasing their cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation, a heritage that is fading away unless encouraged.

When traveling with local guides, you get an enhanced experience and make the best use of your time here.

Our commitment is to take you on an unforgettable journey, while planning everything from arrival to departure, so that you can relax and create the most amazing memories in Romania.

You might come as a guest, but you will sure leave as a friend!

Unfortunately, the past year hasn’t been the best in terms of traveling and the pandemic is still affecting everyone, so we decided to step up our game and go virtual.

We wanted to continue showcasing Romania in spite of the travel barriers, so we created alternatives to physical travel, designed as an immersive journey through our country’s hidden-gem locations, unexpected natural landscapes, villages frozen in time, welcoming people and vibrant cities.

These experiences can be enjoyed from the comfort and safety of virtual travelers’ homes, all while feeding their wanderlust and future plans. See you online on our monthly events.

If you are ready to find out more and want to come to Romania, please leave us your email address below and we will get in touch as soon as possible!

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