Adopt a Dracula or a Bat House!

Introducing our 2022 bat conservation project in Transylvania, Romania!

Helping communities and giving back to people has always been our objective that we strive to accomplish with each and every tour but this year we have decided to take things further!

We have partnered with a local non-profit organization that specializes in protecting bats in Romania – CBRC or Center for Bat Research and Conservation – to help raise awareness about these little creatures without which life as we know it wouldn’t be possible.

If you want to join our cause and help us conduct this project, there are two ways in which you can get involved:

Adopt a Dracula – Volunteering in Transylvania
Most popular!

Adopt a Dracula – Volunteering in Transylvania

10 Days
Availability : 2022: Aug 15th - 24th
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Adopt a Dracula

Adopt your very own bat house and help protect the tiny Dracula’s roaming around freely in the forests of Transylvania. They need us!

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